Importance of eat-and-run verification

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In this article, we want to talk about a crash caused by the verified code in the project. To ensure that the compiler’s generated code has no mistakes and does not affect other parts of development, we need to perform a test run. This is when we compile our codes and run them on our machine under different conditions.

The first step is compiling codes so that they will work as they should when we call them during testing. It doesn’t mean that after compilation, they are ready for testing because usually, during compilation, some errors may occur that need fixing before proceeding with your tests.

먹튀 is executing a program under simulated test conditions and checking that it did not crash. Crashing means the state in which the application fails to run. The commit phase is when this state change happens. In eat-and-run verification, we will not be changing anything about our code or restarting our app, and we want to see if it doesn’t crash on its own when we run it under specific conditions.

There are different ways of performing tests during the testing phase. One of them is testing by running the application on a different machine to make changes on one machine and seeing if changes affect other machines. This process is also called download-and-install, mainly used for downloading and installing two applications on the same machine at once.

In conclusion, eat-and-run verification is done to check if the code will work correctly when run on the target environment. It is essential during development because if the code will work properly and cannot be triggered by an unexpected situation, we may stop and push the code to production.

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