To Disney World and Beyond – How to Plan, Survive and Save

As a mom, I know my job in life is to make my kiddos happy, right? So here I am again, planning our family trip for this upcoming Summer, to where else? Drum roll PLEASE… Walt Freakin’ Disney World. I had to stop and ask myself, can I survive this yet again? The answer is yes, and you can too. I will share a few tips with you that have helped me.

This will be our third time to Disney World in five years. First off, strollers are a must. Even if your children think they are to old for one. I plan to bring double strollers for them even when they are 16. Mostly so I can slip in a break here and there. Oh, and to carry all the stuff, that is a plus! Don’t rent them at the park! Avoid yet another line and invest in bringing your own. Don’t have one, or don’t want the traveling hassle? Well then buy one at the local wal-mart. It will pay for itself in the long run. disney plus amerika You could even get a few dollars back for it at the end. Try this, resale it to someone (in that long stroller rent line) for $20 bucks or so, on your last day out of the park!

I think finally I have it all down. Where to stay, eat, shop etc… I know I need to be prepared for anything especially heat, crowds, more heat, breakdowns (me), rain or even the chance of a Hurricane, oh and did I mention heat. Yeah, don’t forget to make a long list of things to pack. On the top O’ da list, sunscreen (the thick stuff) and umbrellas for everyone. Also pack one of those little hand-held fans that mist water on you. Those are lifesavers, but don’t forget to buy them before you get to the park!

I know we can not avoid Disney, but to be honest, I really prefer Universal Studios. I found it had less people and better rides. Good 4-D rides and simple ones that even my two year old (and I) could enjoy. Yet there are still some really good ones that my older boys loved. Bah hum bug, I am such a ol’ stick in the mud, I don’t like most rides. I’d rather keep down that very expensive food I just ate, thank you very much! Oh speaking of that, if you do make it to Universal be sure to opt in for the all day food pass thing they offer!

There is a even better place call Fun Spot USA. I think there may be two of them somewhere near Kissimmee. It is kinda a whole in the wall place compared to the big theme park of Disney. But it is a TON cheaper and again with less crowds. There you will find one of those crazy bungee jump things that drops you from way up in the heavens (if you are into that kinda thing). There is a more simple jumping trampoline that the younger ones like and they will even tape them doing it. A neat street walk with shops, more rides and midway games, is just behind the actual park.

The neatest thing I also found at Fun Spot USA is FREE Coke products. Yeah, you heard me right, FREE. They just have soda dispensers with dixie cups placed around the park for you to have, FREE! So don’t miss out on that! Free doesn’t come around to often. I think my kids had a sugar high for a week after that find! Be sure and plan to take your family there first, before you hit Disney. It could be a let down to some if you go after the whole Disney experience. Just take them as a build up to the Disney climax. Although, even after Disney, my children were begging to go back to Fun Spot USA. I think the FREE cokes had them addicted.

Ok, if we gotta do it might as well do it right. If we can manage to save a penny here and there, all the better. I have hit on this really cool guide written by a former Disney cast member. You won’t find anything about Universal or Fun Spot USA in her guide of coarse. Consider that info my little gift to you, “FREE”. She does however give lots of cool tips and secret information on Disney World. I found it had some very useful stuff in it, even things I had never known. I am using her guide tips for the first time this year. I only wish I would have found this five years ago. Never the less, it is a very handy guide that will teach you all the ends and outs of Disney and how to save money. Also how to avoid those dreaded crowds and long lines for the rides.

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