How GAMSAT Had Been Introduced

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The world stands in awe of the medical field. There are many new techniques have been introduced. All these advancements have increased the effectiveness in the field of medicine. People rely on the doctors more than anyone else in the world. It seems like it is possible to change or produce anything you want. It depends as per your creativity. Science has equipped to acknowledge the changes occur around us. Now I would like to share the researched information on the history of GAMSAT.

It was really interesting how they introduced this new method of GAMSAT. My friends I am excited to share the information that I have gleaned so far about the GAMSAT’s history. Here it goes:

History of GAMSAT:

The previous method allowed the students who had completed the year 12 to write the med. It allowed only the science students. GAMSAT Preparation There were high scores set to achieve in order to get into the medical colleges. This method examined only the subject knowledge. There were no questions needed your reasoning skills. All you had to do was memorizing the syllabus and answer the questions.

Students who got selected through this test method were ineffective. They struggled to implement their subject knowledge into practice. They failed to take proper decisions during the emergency circumstances. Also they were not matured enough to solve the problems effectively. The medical schools found this from the poor performance of the doctors who got selected through this method.

They have done this research with a group of people and came up with very poor results. So they decided to modify the current exam pattern. This effort made them to design a tough exam pattern called GAMSAT.
GAMSAT designed to filter the best candidates from the large pool of people from different majors. It gives opportunities even for the non science and ESL students to become a doctor. It is the tough exam requires the reasoning ability and problem solving skills of the candidates.

It tests the intellectual property of the candidates. It measures how fast the candidate can take a proper decision and resolve the problems successfully. It is a challenging exam for many students. It tests your general knowledge and English written communication as well.

It examines all required characteristics and subject knowledge of the best doctor. They set the eligibility criteria to be under graduation of any major. So, students who have completed their UG degree with any major can sit GAMSAT. GAMSAT is originally introduced in Australia in 1995. It helps the medical schools and universities to create potential doctors. It has spread to Ireland and UK later.

Now it is a common method followed to select the best candidates to study medicine in the medical schools and Universities in Australia, UK and Ireland.

GAMSAT is the well known toughest exam. It is important for you to practice with sample question papers. I would like to share this resource working on GAMSAT practice tests. It will encourage you to use your time effectively on GAMSAT preparation.

It has become popular among students. People from various countries came to Australia, UK and Ireland to prepare for GAMSAT. It allows anyone to study medicine and become a doctor.

Mary Anita is a GAMSAT candidate. She spent one whole year to know and collect more information about GAMSAT. Now she is preparing for her second attempt. Also she is a part time freelance writer. She would like to share the information that she has gleaned about the GAMSAT here. She is here to help with useful tips on GAMSAT preparation

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